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            How to reclaim Newsgroups
Dan Kettler

update July 17, 2000

The first thing you can do to help reclaim newsgroups is very easy, and requires no help or joining with anyone.  You can do it right away.

After you do that, take a look at the WHAT TO DO page.

First, do not depend upon so-called "leaders" to do it for you.  Do not depend on any others to do it.  We are not leaders, but rather information providers.

My personal view is that I've provided much information from my own and others experience, and if others are actually willing to make changes, they have the situation in their own hands.

I have written, and Edmond Wollmann has written, that we are not here to do all the work of writing to ISPs, or NET ABUSE people, to complain about the activites in these newsgroups.

Edmond wrote, once, that he had made enormous progress in alt.astrology, so that the newsgroup was relatively clear of disruptive influence.  He also wrote that he had used much of his time doing it, and that others should contribute.

Second, there have been so many lies, so much propaganda, placed on USENET and the web, please learn the truth at:

               FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
               of Newsgroup Chaos


Third, learn _the methods that work_, and implement them.  This cannot be accomplished by one person in a newsgroup unless that person uses an inordinate amount of time from his/her day.  I will not do it, and I don't believe Edmond Wollmann will, either.

The methods are shown from a linked page, from the above referenced URL. That page is...

FIRST THING:  On the page detailing what can be done,  there is something about public service announcements.
                                 There is false propaganda in newsgroups for the purpose of maintaining control, and these announcements
                                 provide references to proof of what the real situation is -- that the propaganda is false.  You can read
                               detail about What can be done about Newsgroup Chaos, which is what the /whattodo.html page is, after you post
                                public service announcements.

                                 It is not necessary to take the time to join with others who are part of a group to repost these announcments.
                                 Just look at the newsgroups alt.paranormal and news.admin.net-abuse.usenet.  Place any public service
                                 announcement reposts that do not appear in the same newsgroup you want to repost in.  Try DEJANEWS
                                 to look for posts from a longer time span if you want to.

                                 The word "spam" is usually a false accusation for purposes of control of newsgroups.  Do not be intimidated
                                 by the sight of the word, or threats.  If you are concerned, read /whattodo.html and related links.

A complete overview of the newsgroup situation, with more linked pages, from::


The following was recently added to...


It invoked the anger of the more intelligent of the pseudo-skeptics, and sparked a flame war.  Of the pseudo-skeptics I can credit with intelligence and knowledge of the Newsgroup situation, the more heated and emotional their objections, the more potent, in all probablilty, are the methods they object to.

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 In article <3614C85D.2C9E@virgin.net>,
            bo69423515@virgin.net wrote:

      Steps to reclaim these newsgroups.

        1. Do not bow to intimidation.

        2. Inform your ISP of what you are doing.

        3. Report each off topic poster to their ISP each time
           they violate the Charter by posting off
           topic. Posting off topic is posting messages
           which do not discuss the title subject of
           the newsgroup.

        4. Do this everytime they post. The ISP will eventually
           take action against their customer.

        5. In your complaint, enclose full headers and a copy of
           the post.

        6. Keep a copy yourself.

        7. If the ISP does not take action against a customer
           violating their AUP, contact the ISP partner companys
           and subsideries and inform them they are breaching
           practice requirements. CC to Executive Directors.

        8. Do not be put off by Policy Managers. Contact the ISP
           and take your greivance up with higher management.

        9. The above system works. It is not included in most
           FAQs available, because the FAQs are invariably
           composed by people who work in the industry.

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